Whitney Oaks: Meetings

We value community participation at Whitney Oaks and would like to encourage member involvement in meetings and other events. Please keep an eye on the calendar, as events are subject to change. Feel free to contact us with concerns or questions. Please review the tenative meeting calendar below for planned meeting dates.

Please review our Event Calendar for monthly events and meetings.

Annual Membership Meeting & Director Election

The Annual Membership meeting is traditionally held in November. This meeting usually coinsides with the Annual Director Election.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets in Executive Session on the first Tuesday of the month and in Regular Session on the following Wednesday of the month. With current gathering limitations, most if not all Association meetings will be held via Zoom or other digital or telephonic method. All Association members are invited and encouraged to participate during open forum in the Regular Session meetings. We hope to hear / see you at a meeting.

Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee meetings are tentatively scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 6:00PM.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meetings are tentatively scheduled for the 4th Thursday of the month, times may vary based on member avalibility.

Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee meetings are tentatively scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 PM. Meetings may be cancelled, rescheduled or completed electronically/by phone in order to comply with current health and safety regulations.

Social Committee

The Social Committee helps to organize social events and make others aware of them. At Whitney Oaks, we want as many people involved in community as possible.

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