Paved Trails For Safety

Whitney Oaks

Trails and Wetlands

Trails and Wetlands

The trails at Whitney Oaks allow people and wildlife to interface within a beautiful setting. Meandering through over 200 acres of the Common Area maintained by Whitney Oaks Homeowners Association are many miles of trails welcoming residents to explore and appreciate the natural environment.

About three and a quarter miles of the trails that exist now have a walking surface that is covered with either asphalt or decomposed granite. Some areas are relatively flat, while others are more challenging and require caution and balance. Whichever you choose, you are sure to observe some interesting wildlife, see a new type of plant, or take in the rugged beauty of the terrain.

Whitney Oaks Wildlife

Before you head out, please remember that there are rattlesnakes in the area. Staying on the trails will help you avoid them. Also keep your dog on a leash and watch him or her carefully, as dogs have an instinct to confront snakes and may receive a nasty bite in return! Rattlesnake bites are expensive to treat and are dangerous, so please be careful.

Don't miss the descriptions of various animals to be seen while hiking in this area in the Trail Guide! About the Trail Guide: Ken and Bea Morrow, along with Earl Brabb (now deceased), created this guide because of their interest in protecting and improving the trails for the enjoyment of all residents of Whitney Oaks. Enjoy!

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