Whitney Oaks: Committees

The Whitney Oaks Community Association (WOCA) is self-governing, drawing from its residents who volunteer their time and expertise. The Board of Directors is elected yearly by homeowners and announced each November at the Annual Membership Meeting. Committee members are selected by the Board of Directors as openings become available.

Architectural Review Committee

The members of this committee are responsible for reviewing exterior change requests to ensure that home updates continue to add to the value and aesthetics of the Association. Committee members meet monthly to review applications submitted by homeowners. Applications (except those plans for new construction) for modifications, additions, or architectural changes are reviewed with current community rules and guidelines.

Landscape Committee

Members of this committee identify and make recommendations concerning maintenance needs of the trails and landscaping around the community. When maintenance needs are identified, the committee works with the Board of Directors and management to address regular maintenance or special projects.

Social Committee

The Social Committee helps to organize social events and make others aware of them. At Whitney Oaks, we want as many people involved in community as possible.

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