Whitney Oaks: Committees

The Whitney Oaks community is self-governing in the sense that guidance is provided by the Whitney Oaks Homeowner's Association and several committees. Members of the Association and the committees are drawn from the residents of Whitney Oaks and selected by election. The Committees are as follows.

Architectural Review Committee

The members of this committee are responsible for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the Association. They review all applications (except those plans for new construction) for modifications, additions, or architectural changes.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight of Whitney Oaks Community Association (WOCA) and advises the Board of Directors (Board) to ensure assets are protected and efficiently managed.

Landscape and Trails Committee

Members of this committee identify and make recommendations concerning maintenance needs of the trails. When maintenance needs are identified, the committee works with the Board of Directors and landscapers to get the work done.

Social Committee

The Social Committee helps to organize social events and make others aware of them. At Whitney Oaks, we want as many people involved in community as possible.

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