Remotes, Keys and Patrol

Remotes, Keys, and Patrol

To maintain security and safety at Whitney Oaks, we have created some processes. Please make a note of the following. If the previous owner did not leave keys, new owners will be required to purchase them.

Purchasing keys and remotes

If you wish to purchase any of the above remotes or keys, please send a check made payable to Whitney Oaks to:

Whitney Oaks Home Owners Association (WOCA)
c/o The Management Trust, Northern California Division
Attn: Mikki Cooper
PO Box 1459
Folsom, CA 95763

Please note that some cell phones work with the gates and others do not. Some digital services like Magic Jack and Vonage may not work, either. When a guest calls you from the gate, press '9' to let him/her in.

Gate Remotes

These are $35 each. Gate remotes are programmed to allow you access into the two closest gates to your home.

Pedestrian gate keys

These are $15 each. Each key opens the walk-through gates on the side of the drive-through gates.

Pool Key

These open the gates at the pools (same key for both Hillcrest and Black Oak) and cost $15 each.

Pool Tag

Limit one per home. These are $15 each and required for entry to the pools (Memorial Day in May to September/October depending upon weather).

Fitness Key

These cost $15 and open the main entrance door at the Hillcrest fitness room.

Mail keys - Rocklin Post Office

The Association does not have the ability to replace these; please contact the Rocklin Post Office to have the lock changed.

Their address is 5515 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677

Their number is (916) 624-5875.

Springfield pedestrian gate key

These are $15 and open the pedestrian gates in Springfield.

Patrol Service

Whitney Oaks is patrolled by Blue Knight Security & Patrol We have an officer dedicated to Whitney Oaks who is very familiar with our community. The hours of patrol may differ based on the season, but are generally from 10PM to 6AM.

  • 24/7 Dispatch: 916.299.0911
  • Guard Direct Line: 916.512.5144
  • Please note that this will be routed directly to the guard on-duty during the time frame that guards on onsite.
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